Who We Are

Dupree's Rhinestones, LLC is a specialized retailer/wholesaler dedicated to offering an extensive selection of high-quality rhinestones and costume supplies. We aim to meet the creative needs of our diverse clientele, including fashion designers, costume makers, dance troupes, theater productions, DIY enthusiasts, and crafters.

Product Offerings:

  • Rhinestones: We provide a wide array of rhinestones in various shapes, sizes, colors, and materials (such as glass or acrylic). Our inventory includes Swarovski crystals, premium-quality stones, and budget-friendly options suitable for different design preferences and budgets.

  • Costume Supplies: In addition to rhinestones, we offer an assortment of costume supplies, and other embellishments. Our collection is curated to meet the demands of creating stunning costumes for performances, competitions, special events, and everyday use.

Target Audience:

  • Fashion Industry Professionals: Designers, stylists, and fashion houses seeking exquisite embellishments for haute couture or ready-to-wear collections.

  • Entertainment Industry: Costume designers, theater groups, dance companies, and performance artists requiring unique and dazzling elements for stage productions, shows, concerts, and films.

  • Crafters and Hobbyists: DIY enthusiasts, hobbyists, and crafters interested in adding sparkle and flair to their creations, from custom apparel to home décor projects.

  • Special Events: Individuals or organizations preparing for themed parties, weddings, festivals, and other occasions where eye-catching costumes and accessories are desired.

Key Features and Services:

  • Diverse Inventory: We stock a vast selection of rhinestones and costume supplies, ensuring a wide range of options for different design preferences and project requirements.

  • Customization Services: Offer customization options such as bulk orders, assorted packages, and specialized kits tailored to specific themes or projects.

  • Responsive Customer Support: A dedicated team ready to assist customers with product inquiries, recommendations, and order assistance.

Business Values:

  • Quality Assurance: Commitment to sourcing and delivering high-quality products that meet industry standards.

  • Creativity and Innovation: Encouraging creativity by offering diverse supplies to inspire unique designs and artistic expression.

  • Customer Satisfaction: Prioritizing customer needs, feedback, and satisfaction to ensure an exceptional shopping experience.

Dupree's Rhinetones, LLC strives to be the go-to destination for all things related to rhinestones and costume supplies, fostering creativity and helping customers bring their visions to life through our extensive product offerings and exceptional service.