Breast Plate

Silicone Breast Forms

Do you dream about having natural looking feminine cleavage? Your dream has just come true!

Our exclusive new design will give you the breast cleavage you have always wanted to show off.

Soft, supple flesh-like silicone is used to make this ultra-realistic breastplate that performers all over the world use to create the illusion of being the real woman. The nipples are erect and protrude to add an even more feminine silhouette.

Breast Plate C Cup


$259.00 - $393.00
Breast Plate D Cup


$279.00 - $413.00
Breast Plate Double D Cup


$399.99 - $533.99
Breast Plate BIG GIRLS


$499.00 - $633.00

Our ultimate cleavage breast form is available in four sizes and four colors to match every skin tone. Powder makeup can also be used to custom blend the color of the skin. No need for any foundation (base) applied to the breasts - they will be perfectly matched for you.  

Wearing the breastplate couldn't be easier!  The breastplate closes around the neck with a strip of industrial strength velcro which is made longer for trimming. The breastplate itself has a slight curve so it fits nice an flat against your body. 

The soft "micro skin" backing feels great against your skin. Now simply dress in your glamorous outfit and wear a necklace that covers your neckline. You will be amazed at how easy it is and how womanly you'll feel when wearing it!