Custom Jewelry Design

Didn't see what you wanted on our site?  No worries!  Over 75% of our customers that order jewelry have it custom made!  You can too!  Just fill out the form below and submit it and we will contact you within usually 24 business hours!  Please note that we do assess a $25 dollar non-refundable consult fee however, this is deducted from your balance when we process your payment for the custom jewelry with us.

What your consultation covers and how this fee works:

  • Your consultation fee gets you one on one time with us via phone, social media chatting, or email to assist in determining the style, design, size, color/s, specifications, etc... you want.

  • To ensure that your time and ours is respected we do charge a minimal consultation fee.  This pays for our time to ensure we are giving you individualized one on one attention.  This fee is waived once you have made your purchase for the set and the consultation fee goes towards your balance.

Example:  Your order is $325.00 - $25.00 consultation fee = $300.00 balance owed

  • Your consultation fee will go towards your balance if the payment for your order is paid for (or deposit is made) within 60 days.


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